Healthcare and Well being

A pandemic, tragedy or accident negatively impacts people, households, and livelihoods in more ways than one. The most important and critical impact is on health and bodily harm which needs immediate and quality care for restoration and protection of life.

Under our charter of services, healthcare and wellbeing is the primary pillar of support that focuses on ensuring lives are saved, and timely medical care, support and counselling is provided to those impacted and their loved ones.

Our tireless and selfless volunteers work with hospitals, caregivers, counsellors, and other social service organizations that are all working towards helping people recover and return to normalcy after a tragic event or illness.

The following are the areas we can help with

Hospitalization help: Getting admission to a hospital in cases of emergencies during a pandemic

Consultancy / Counselling: If you are not sure what to do, we can connect you with a medical professional who can guide you on the next steps based on your diagnosis and/or provide with most medical counselling for recovery and rehabilitation.

Medical Expenses Assistance: If you are not able to afford large medical bills or expensive treatments, we will find you the most affordable option and on needs basis we will work with donors and other social service organizations.

How to request for help

To seek support on medical needs you can do one of the following
  • Send an email to
  • Call on one of the numbers listed on our website
  • Fill in the contact us form on this page
If you are requesting help for yourself, your family members or on behalf on someone else, please ensure you provide us with as much information as possible to help us evaluate your case better.

What will we do?

Our healthcare and wellbeing support team will take up your case and work carry out the following steps

  1. Verify the request and validate its authenticity. This could involve on the ground verification of the requestor or beneficiary at their location, and consultation with the treating medical professional or other medical professionals who can validate the authenticity of the request

  2. Once the authenticity has been validated, the team will pass on the request to the fulfillment team which will work on sourcing the required funds, which could be from BeingUnited, its immediate donors or from other online crowdfunding sources or social service organizations.

  3. All funding for such requests will only be transferred to the hospital, diagnostic laboratory or pharmacy for the treatment, diagnosis or for medicines and no money will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

For more details on this please contact our Community outreach manager for Healthcare and Wellbeing whose contact information is on the "About" page.
Transparency and proof of spending

Funds collected for all requests will be spent in accordance with our charter of work and audited accounts will be published on our website annually. Donors who sponsor an entire project/activity will be provided with proof of spending directly to their email accounts.
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