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Food, medical expenses, education, accommodation, and transportation are all not easy to come by. All of us are aware that even with our stable and regular incomes, there are moments when we stop and think about the future and savings.

Now imagine those who do not have a job, or their business has shut down or is running under losses or with heavy debts. Now add the pandemic to it and an extended period of no income for months together and with all savings exhausted.

These are very difficult situations to imagine for us who have always had bread in front of us and comfortable life to live. Let us be thankful for all the blessings we have and put our hands and heads together to help those who are not so lucky.

In order to help people, get back on their feet, we help them find employment where they are seeking one, or we work with business owners to help restore their ailing business or to start a new one.

In the case of employment, there are times where we identify the gaps in an individual’s capabilities or communication skills and work on training them, help them build a strong curriculum vitae (CV) for themselves, and then circulate their profile within our network of connections to help them secure a job that matches their skills. We have a group of volunteers who are employees of reputed organizations and they refer candidates where matching openings exist and sometimes our partner organizations, sponsors, and donor organizations too can consider employing any of the job seekers.

For business support, we first understand and assess the business needs and ideas, and all of this is done with confidentiality to ensure the identity or the idea of the individual is not shared with a larger audience and stays within the volunteer group.

We then help the individual do a feasibility study, put an ROI and Commercial document together, and build a proof of concept (in case of a product) that can be demonstrated to potential investors/donors or lenders. During the process of doing all these activities, the potential entrepreneurs can also reach out and seek help from one of our many mentors and advisors who make themselves available from time to time for pro-bono activities. These are individuals who bring with them years of expertise, wisdom, and experience.

For more details on this please contact our Community outreach manager for Employment and Entrepreneurship whose contact information is on the "About" page.
Transparency and proof of spending

Funds collected for all requests will be spent in accordance with our charter of work and audited accounts will be published on our website annually. Donors who sponsor an entire project/activity will be provided with proof of spending directly to their email accounts.
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