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A financial crisis is never an easy affair to deal with and is not something that anyone should have to deal with especially when they have a family to take care of.

The growing cost of living and challenges with employment or business, make it very difficult for people to plan their lives or those of their loved ones through the phases everyone must cross.

It could be repairing a damaged home or a leaking roof, getting a daughter married, getting that bike repaired to avoid having to walk for 30 minutes to work each day, etc. All these may be simple things that we take in our stride through life without a second thought but there are people who cannot get these basic things done in their lives due to a shortage of funds or because their earnings are being directed towards more pressing matters like repayment of a long-standing loan, ailing family member or they are earning just enough to survive.

Our financial aid aims at helping such individuals where a complete project report is prepared for someone’s need, and their sources of income and expenditure, the validity of the request, etc. are verified, before reaching out to our donors to help contribute to the cause. Where possible we request donors to help in kind than in cash by procuring required material and having it shipped directly to the beneficiary or via us. In case a donor picks up the cost for a major work or the entire project, we submit a complete expense report back to the donor (where the donation was given to Being United Foundation) for the project.

On the other hand, we also cater to those who have lost the breadwinner of the family by providing them with either provisions or cooked food depending on their ability to take care of themselves. When we receive a request for sustenance support, we have someone visit the potential beneficiary and validate the genuineness of their dependency on sustenance and then plan to provide them with necessary support on a regular basis.

We also arrange weekend distribution of food to the needy on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so people can pick which day they would like to feed the poor and contribute accordingly. Make sure you mention the day to feed, and we will consolidate all donations received during the week and arrange for food to be distributed directly or through our partner NGOs who focus on this activity more rigorously.

For more details on this please contact our Community outreach manager for Education and Skill Development whose contact information is on the "About" page.

Transparency and proof of spending

Funds collected for all requests will be spent in accordance with our charter of work and audited accounts will be published on our website annually. Donors who sponsor an entire project/activity will be provided with proof of spending directly to their email accounts.
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Contributions to Being United Foundation are now eligible for income tax exemptions under 80G (For Indians only)

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